Nuremberg Trials

APPARTS- Picture of the Nuremberg Court Room During the Trial

Author- Raymond D’Addario, most likely because he was the U.S. Army photographer for the Nuremberg Trials.

Place and Time- 1945  after World War II ended at Nuremberg, Germany. It was held at this location because it was significant to the Nazi leaders during World War II and it was the only place large enough to hold all of the people for the trials.

Prior Knowledge-There had been many crimes that were committed during World War II and they had gotten away with it until the allied powers joined together to put these people to justice for the horrible things they did.

Audience- The audience is to anyone who wants to learn about the Nuremberg trials both Americans and non-Americans.

Reason- To document what the trials looked like and where people sat during these famous trials.
The Main Idea-The main idea of this picture is to show the layout of the courtroom and all of the people working hard during the trial.

Significance-The significance of this primary document is to get a better understanding of the trials and to make them more realistic because you are able to see and actual picture of it. One can see all of the guards lining the back wall and the people accused and the prosecutors. It also makes you realize how important this case really was because there were a lot of people involved in it. The picture shows how full the room is.

APPARTS- Robert Jackson's opening statement

Author- Robert Jackson was born in Pennsylvania. When he was five his family moved to New York where he completed high school and apprenticed at a law office and only went to one year of law school at Albany Law School. President Roosevelt appointed him to the Supreme Court in 1941.

Place and Time- It was 1945 in Nuremberg, Germany after the Second World War was over.

Prior Knowledge- World War II had brought a lot of killing of innocent people and concentration camps and abuse of power by many Nazi officials. When the war was over the allied powers wanted to bring these people to justice through the Nuremberg Trials. Robert Jackson was the chief prosecutor during the trials.

Audience- The opening statement was to everyone in the Nuremberg court room but most specifically to the judges who would decide the fate of the accused Nazi leaders.

Reason- It is court procedure to do an opening statement to address the issue and reason why they are in court for the trial and to get some people on his side at the beginning before any evidence is entered and before any witness has taken the stand.

The Main Idea- The main idea is to address the issues and the reasons why they are in court. It includes what the people are accused of and why and it explains the importance of the case and the decision that is going to be made about the fate of the accused people.

Significance- This source is very important to the trial because it brings to mind all of the things that need to be considered during the trials and it had a great impact on the beginning of the case because it put people in the right mindset to decide who was innocent and who was guilty of their charges. The insight that we gain from this document is that Robert Jackson just wants justice to be served but in a fair way meaning that nothing can be assumed it has to be the truth. It also shows how complex the trials will be because there is a lot that needs to be considered.