Nuremberg Trials

What were the Nuremberg Trials?

The Palace of Justice
The Nuremberg Trials were multiple trials for the people who were involved with the Nazis. The Allied forces hoped the bring justice to those who helped create the Nazi regime. The United States, Russia, France, and Britain all oversaw the trails. Hitler was not put on trial because he had committed suicide within the last few days of the war because he knew that it was over and his plan for the Aryan race had failed and come to and end. Some other top officials, or people involved with the Nazis, fled the country to avoid capture. The trials were held in Nuremberg because the Palace of Justice, located in Nuremberg, was one of few facilities there would be large enough to hold the trials in. Nuremberg had also previously been the Nazi stronghold. The trials started in 1945 with some of the most prominent leaders, lesser people were tried later. They were tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against peace. In all 22 people were put on trial.

Getting the Palace of Justice ready for the trials